Sri Lanka Bucket List

As the date of our departure draws nearer, I’ve found myself really delving into the experiences that our destinations have to offer. Despite booking to go to Sri Lanka pretty much on a single recommendation from a friend who volunteered there for a few months and not knowing much about the history, culture or lifestyle, I’ve found a stream of Instagram pictures and blog posts that are beginning to inspire our trip.

We’ve got a full 28 days on the island but I’m genuinely starting to worry that our time there is not going to be enough so I’ve done a big traveller no-no and started planning… I know that backpacking comes with a laidback “let’s just see what happens” vibe but it’s difficult to have that mentality when your life is currently defined by planning plus, I am the worst for FOMO. So my lunch times at work (and some hours during work…), evenings and weekends are taken up by me reading blogs, watching insta stories, endlessly scrolling through the Sri Lanka hashtag and beginning to plan in my ocean-coloured moleskine, a route which allows us to do the things that interest us most whilst also taking full advantage of the tips and advice available for a place we have never seen.

To help with this, I’ve mapped out a route that makes sense geographically although from chatting to people who have visited Sri Lanka, I am fully aware that the possibility of it going completely tits up is high. But… I am optimistic (classic first time traveller thought process right?). The route I’ve got planned is a mash up of routes recommended by Lonely Planet, Enjoy the Journey, Flashpacking around the World and Nomadic Matt (thank you guys!) and should it be a success I’ll make sure to share it with you all!

What I would like to share now though is my bucket list for Sri Lanka and I think this is something I may continue to do for each country before visiting as researching a new place gets me giddy! So here’s a few things I want to see and do whilst in Sri Lanka:

Sit at the edge of Nine Arches Bridge

Image credit: @mikeyy_le Instagram

The Nine Arch Bridge is one of the first things I saw to do in Sri Lanka and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Something I think I’m more excited for than George due to his fear of heights!

Catch the train from Colombo to Ella

This is apparently one of the most beautiful train journey’s in the world and although I’m not particularly a fan of trains, I am a fan of pretty landscapes!

Learn to surf at Arugam Bay

Image credit: @nicokalli Instagram

Being one of the top surf spots in the country, the opportunity to surf here is too great to pass up despite the fact i’m expecting several, hopefully minor injuries due to my serious lack of co-ordination.

Take a yoga class

I did my first yoga class in Texas earlier this year and although I’ve not continued to practice in the UK, I really enjoyed it and have my eye on a few places to check out including Hipsters Hideout in Kandy and Hideaway in Arugam Bay.

Learn how to cook

Image credit: @alicepages Instagram

I’ve recently started to enjoy cooking a lot more and what better gift to take away than the gift of knowledge? And of course some yummy curry recipes…

Explore the Sinharaja Forest Reserve

I love a good hike and being a geography nerd, I cannot wait to explore this rainforest and UNESCO World Heritage Site and hopefully see some crazy wildlife!

Of course there are so many more things we have planned that will be a part of our journey through Sri Lanka, exploring the vast history, beautiful landscapes, sandy beaches and bustling cities but this is just the beginning of what I anticipate to be an incredible trip!

If you have any tips on places we must see or do, please leave a comment below for me to spend my lunch times looking in to!

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  1. Being a Lancashire lass you need to go The ‘Little England’ or Nuwara Eliya in the heart of Sri Lanka. Go make yourself a proper cup of Ceylon tea in the rolling mountains. Wonderul experience.

    Also, have a go at stilt fishing. A traditional Sri Lankan method that requires a lot of talent and patience. You might not catch many fish but you will have a good laugh trying and create memories to last forever.

    1. Sounds amazing! We were looking at stopping off in Nuwara Eliya on our way to Ella from Kandy so will definitely have a look into it further 🙂 thanks for the tip on the fishing as well, didn’t realise you would be able to have a go yourself!

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