You could wait for a lifetime…

…to spend your days in the sunshine.

Being from Manchester, we’ve both said, well sung these words in various states of sobriety a million times. But one hungover Sunday afternoon in July, these lyrics became a reality and we booked to embark on a one-way trip to the other side of the world.

Both at the fruitful age of 25, and in stable jobs in our relative professions, we were set for having a pretty good life but after me travelling to Texas earlier this year and George being in Thailand at the same time, we came to the realisation that despite our day to day happiness, we wanted more…

We’d caught the travel bug.

After a few months of umming and ahhing over realistic timescales and the fear of doing the wrong thing creeping in and out, we just booked it. We no longer wanted to live for the weekend and the Monday morning dread was all too real. A Saturday night out in town had confirmed it… we wanted and perhaps more importantly, needed a change.

Our first stop is Sri Lanka, followed by a few days in Malaysia and then on to South East Asia just over a month later. The rest is pretty much unwritten apart from knowing that we want to spend Christmas and New Year in beautiful Indonesia! There’s not even a return ticket booked yet… an exciting prospect after spending so long defined by routine.

So here we are… Views Beyond… just two normal people both ready for an extraordinary adventure and we invite you to join us through this travel blog!

We’ll be posting throughout our trip both on this blog and on our Instagram (views_beyond) so please bookmark us, follow us and enjoy this journey with us across the globe!




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